Camping at New Port Dunes, New Port Beach, CA

Camping at New Port Dunes in New Port Beach, CA is a real luxury way of camping. It is primary a luxury RV resort but there are some sites that allow tent camping. New Port Dunes is located right on the bay so the amenities are very family friendly from water sports to relaxing on the sand, this campground has it all! Memorial weekend was a perfect weekend to camp at “The Dunes.” They turned it into one big Luau party with bands by the bay and a feast that would leave even the Hawaiians wanting more. Some people may not consider this “real camping” because it is so upscale but you can still have your campfire and s’mores and there are not bugs crawling all over you. People that enjoy the lifestyle of camping are able to do it in luxury at New Port Dunes. There is a pool and hot tub that always has a lifeguard on duty. The children’s playground on the sand is beautiful with a wide variety of equipment for all age children, which happens to be conveniently located right by the Mobe’s Bar and food stand for the parents. And the Back Bay CafĂ© has amazing food with a great view of being right on the water. “The Dunes” has a lot to offer all types of campers. It happens to be about a 10 minute walk from the quaint town of Balboa Island and an easy drive from the fun California beaches with waves. New Port Dunes offers a typical southern California lifestyle where you can either be having fun on the go with so many options of just relaxing outside by the water.
The campground is almost like an all-inclusive resort, you don’t have to leave it unless you want to. There is always an endless list of activities from music to movies on the sand, there is always something fun to do. The camp store is also very convenient with snacks and necessities that anyone traveling may need. It is hard to enjoy the beach atmosphere and not enjoy camping at New Port Dunes. As far as camping goes they are on the expensive end of camp grounds. With all that there is to offer and the great landscape and services they can assume that they can charge a lot and still get the campground full, and they are right. Memorial weekend was completely sold out. With people flying their American Flags off their RV or the candles they put out on their tables, you would never guess that there is any kind of economic trouble in this country. It is a beautiful and fun place to camp just be prepared to pay more then what you would pay at the Marriott. Overall it is a great experience for camping and one that would be easy to just keep doing over and over.

Visit New Port Dunes website directly at:
Pink Lamb Productions
Me And Mommy TV
Surf Art Zone

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