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High End Travel Consulting/ Tour Guide

Let me know what you're looking for and I will get you there! I plan the best packages for budget, luxury, assisted tours, adventure and just plain fun! Even if you don't know what you are looking for I can come up with something that would make you happy! Please contact me at .

Grand Bahama Island, The Diamond House

If you are interested in snorkeling in turquoise blue water and laying on stark white sandy beaches then the Bahamas would be the place to visit! Particularly the Grand Bahama Island. Driving around this island you will find deserted beaches or just beaches that have a local bar sitting right on them so you can take your drink with you in the water, or in the car! Of course I do not promote drinking and driving, but the rules over there, though being a safe place with great people, are very free. If visiting be sure to see the Lucayan National Park (great caves and miles of deserted beaches), Port Lucaya (great food and local night life on a beautiful harbor), Xanadu Beach and the Westin pool area. It is great, it sits right on the beach and there is a swim up bar and beautiful white sand to also enjoy. We rented a house for a week, the Diamond House right by Fortuna Beach. It was nice. There was six people that stayed there total and it accommodated all of us nicely. There is a beach

Southern Irealnd

If I was not living in the United States I would live in Ireland. The beautiful scenery to the friendly people make it a great place to be, and as a girl, I felt safe walking home from a pub in the middle of the night by myself. Southern Ireland is really a true emerald island. Everything is so green, probably because it rains a lot, but it makes a scenic island. The Cliffs of Mohr with a 600 foot drop is breath taking. Driving to Connemara is not something to miss either. The typical rolling hills which make up the extensive farm land are endless and beautiful, and you will drive to the Kelyemore Abby, which is a sight in itself. Most people that visit southern Ireland think that Dublin is just another "city" I personally found so much history and culture there, it is good to spend a full day sightseeing, shopping and exploring St. Patrick's Cathedral. My two most favorite places, which are very close to each other, in the country are the enchanting town of Kerr

To the Tahitian Islands

If anyone is looking for the ideal paradise it would have to be the Tahitian Islands, Moorea specifically. I went to the Pearl Resort on Moorea in the beginning of May and it was absolutely beautiful. The clearest water, most exotic fish, friendly people, gorgeous sights and great culture. A lot of people have a stereotype of the French, and I have to say that going there I had my own in mind as well, but that went right out the window when I stepped foot off of the airplane. The people are friendly and simply amazing. Moorea is very lush and the island is very driver friendly so you can journey around and go from beach to beach or just lay on the warm sand of where you stay. The Perl Resort is rated in mid notch as far as how pricey things can get, though our stay there was exceptional. Staying in an over the water bungalow and having the staff at every need can not be beat. The resort has beautiful grounds and I was very impressed with it. Bora Bora was pretty as well but I feel that