Southern Irealnd

If I was not living in the United States I would live in Ireland. The beautiful scenery to the friendly people make it a great place to be, and as a girl, I felt safe walking home from a pub in the middle of the night by myself. Southern Ireland is really a true emerald island. Everything is so green, probably because it rains a lot, but it makes a scenic island. The Cliffs of Mohr with a 600 foot drop is breath taking. Driving to Connemara is not something to miss either. The typical rolling hills which make up the extensive farm land are endless and beautiful, and you will drive to the Kelyemore Abby, which is a sight in itself. Most people that visit southern Ireland think that Dublin is just another "city" I personally found so much history and culture there, it is good to spend a full day sightseeing, shopping and exploring St. Patrick's Cathedral. My two most favorite places, which are very close to each other, in the country are the enchanting town of Kerry and the beautiful views and drive of the Dingle Peninsula. The Dingle Peninsula is a must see!
Ireland can be explored by back packing, staying in a bed and breakfast (which is my favorite because you can really explore the culture), and by the luxury of gorgeous hotels and castles. I was fortunate to stay in the Drumoland Castle, which is a real working castle today. The grounds as well as room were amazing, it is a 5 star, expensive but worth every penny hotel. You are treated like royalty when staying here. Ireland is a great country for everyone. There is plenty to do and see. The food is great and so are the pubs! Please check out my Ireland travel video at:


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