Grand Bahama Island, The Diamond House

If you are interested in snorkeling in turquoise blue water and laying on stark white sandy beaches then the Bahamas would be the place to visit! Particularly the Grand Bahama Island. Driving around this island you will find deserted beaches or just beaches that have a local bar sitting right on them so you can take your drink with you in the water, or in the car! Of course I do not promote drinking and driving, but the rules over there, though being a safe place with great people, are very free. If visiting be sure to see the Lucayan National Park (great caves and miles of deserted beaches), Port Lucaya (great food and local night life on a beautiful harbor), Xanadu Beach and the Westin pool area. It is great, it sits right on the beach and there is a swim up bar and beautiful white sand to also enjoy.
We rented a house for a week, the Diamond House right by Fortuna Beach. It was nice. There was six people that stayed there total and it accommodated all of us nicely. There is a beach bar in walking distance, the water is right at your house, a hot tub and BBQ on deck, and the location was key! The food over there is very expensive, I mean like $8.00 for a bag of chips, so stock up on what you can before you go, there is not much in the house, not even the essentials for the bathroom. I would highly recommend getting a cleaning service to come in frequently if sand on the floor or dirty towels bother you. By the end of the trip I was ready for my own bed. Though it gave us some great memories and it was a great location I was wishing for something a little cleaner and it was tough going to the Westin for a day and getting an amazing massage and being in luxury and then going back to a dirty house (which was our fault and we could have ordered a cleaning service, next time we know)that had mosquitos. Definitely take lots of bug spray if you are going during the summer! It was a great trip and a great way to travel on a budget! Renting a house when traveling can save you a lot of money and it's a fun way to travel with other people, just get a cleaning service so you don't feel like you're traveling on such a budget.


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