The Westin in Old Town Alexandria, VA

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If you are traveling on business to the DC area and looking to not be downtown then the Westin of Old Town Alexandria might be a good place for you! The Westin is a very clean, very business friendly environment. It also suits families and people just out to enjoy traveling to the Washington DC area but they make it especially nice with their meeting and conference rooms for the business person. The Westin is known for their peaceful surrounding, which this hotel does have a very nice ambiance, but it is not the typical Westin. There is no luxury spa with massages to relax all your aches and pains. There is a very nice pool with hot tub in a very calm and relaxing environment for the peace and serenity that the traveler may desire. There is also a great gym so you can keep that daily workout routine going. If you are looking for a big resort with all the amenities that you are used to when you visit a Westin, this may not be the place for you, but it still offers a feeling of home with a touch of luxury that can appeal to anyone traveling.

The Westin in Alexandria has great customer service and that alone could be hard to find at a hotel chain. The staff will bend over backwards to make sure you are comfortable and enjoying your stay. They offer a shuttle bus to the metro and take you into town. They also have children packages for the little ones upon check in. Everyone will great you with a smile and friendly attitude and they are happy to wait on you. The room service is very prompt and the food comes right from their yummy restaurant The Jamieson Grille, which is not short of good cuisine and luxury. This hotel is a very easy and nice place to stay when visiting Alexandria, VA. The business suit will be happy with this choice and so will anyone that has children. The rates are very comparable to what is around town and you are guaranteed good service with an environment that will make you want to come back and stay again on your next DC trip!


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