Bodega Louie

Having a Sunday brunch in a metropolitan area is always fun. The hustle and bustle of the city life, people are out and about with a purpose and somewhere to go, or maybe nowhere to go but just pretending like they do. It makes you feel important to be out having that brunch on Sunday. It makes you feel like it is ok that you missed church that morning because you get to have brunch at a "hot spot." And most likely you will feel even more important and happy when you leave because you get to have the "champagne special" or a "spicy Bloody Mary." Well that is just how it is when you venture to Bodega Louie in Downtown Los Angeles. The decor, the linens, the pastry display are as posh and trendy as they come. Going into this restaurant, with a full bar, I was hesitant because I had my 18 month old daughter with me, but it is so loud and the staff is so friendly, it was not a problem at all having her there. I have been in other higher end restaurants where children are looked at like aliens, like they are not the next generation that will help support who is frowning on them, but Bodega Louie was just the opposite. It had all the luxury and all the trend you can ask for with still being able to have you little one there comfortably, and I must say she enjoyed herself as well. The food was nothing below the standard of ambiance. I had the eggs benedict and it melted in my mouth. Maybe it was the delicious taste of butter in the sauce or just how it was prepared but it was nothing less than perfect. Everyone at our table experienced the same joy with eating their food. What were even better than the main course were the desserts. The dessert counter is not only eye appealing with such a variety of all different types of sweets for the sweet tooth, but the presentation of everything is beautiful. It is decorated like you were at an elegant wedding with such a color scheme and coordination. It truly put the icing on the cake. Bodega Louie is a wonderful dining experience where you can go in excited and feeling good about being out and come out feeling the magic of the Sunday brunch. Pink Lamb Productions Surf Art Zone Me And Mommy TV


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